Expert audit of information security

Objective and quantitative assessments of the current state of information security of the automated system
To get access to the customer’s local network segment, identifying possible attack vectors within the closed segment
The breaker’s simulation, network reconnaissance and vulnerability search, exploitation of vulnerabilities and simulation attacks to get access to critical information systems
A report on the performed work that contains a list of vulnerabilities found, examples of their exploitation and recommendations for their elimination

Information security audit is a systematic process of obtaining objective qualitative and quantitative assessments of the current state of information security of an automated system in accordance with certain security criteria and indicators.

Information security is a state of preservation of information resources and protection of legal rights of individuals and society in the information sphere.

The audit allows you to assess the current security of the information system, assess and predict risks, manage their impact on the business processes of the firm; also it allows correctly and reasonably address the issue of security of its information assets, strategic development plans, marketing programs, financial and accounting records, the content of corporate databases. Ultimately, a properly conducted information system security’s audit allows you to return on investment in the creation and maintenance of the security system of the firm.

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